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by vincent

Posted on Sunday Jul 05, 2015 at 03:28PM in General


Welcome to my blog dedicated to anything that is - somehow :) - related to the Java Virtual Machine.

Java and the JVM have come a long way, a lot of the well-known prejudices are simply not true anymore, or are actively being taken care of. Don't believe me? Ask Twitter.

I love that these days the JVM is a host for many other programming languages and applications can make use of classes without caring which JVM programming language was used to compile that class file. Also more and more dynamic languages are appearing that do not require compiling by the user, but still can fully utilize Java classes. Often, those languages can easily be embedded in Java projects as well.

I follow development of and news reports about Java, the JVM, alternative languages, developer tools, libraries, frameworks quite a bit, so I think I'll have quite a lot to blog about.

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