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Oracle Nashorn + Oracle NoSQL: First steps

by vincent

Posted on Tuesday Oct 20, 2015 at 11:12PM in NoSQL Database

Learning to work with Oracle NoSQL was a high entry on my to-do list. I always figured Oracle Nashorn (the new JavaScript engine that runs on JVM and is shipped for the first time with Java 8) is an ideal language to learn and try JVM-based APIs, mainly because of the interactivity of the JavaScript language. So, I thought this would be a cool opportunity to test the Oracle NoSQL API with Nashorn.

I was absolutely not disappointed. Nashorn is, in my opinion, an excellent tool for learning new APIs

About Oracle Nashorn

First of all, I am a huge Nashorn fan. Although not as fast as Node.js (which is powered by Google's mighty V8 engine), bringing the flexibility of a modern JavaScript implementation to the JVM world was a very good idea. I love that it is part of Java 8 SE, so every Java developer that uses Oracle-based JREs or JDKs has full access to it.

The Nashorn team added extensions to the JavaScript language so that JavaScript code can make full use of existing JVM classes. Also, Nashorn is compatible with the existing JSR-223 "Scripting for Java Platform" standard, which means that the Nashorn engine can be embedded into any JVM program. Using this technique, you can embed JavaScript code in your Java 8 (and up) projects, that communicate with your objects while Nashorn executes the JavaScript code dynamically. Mind blowing IMO... :-)

Read the full article for much more background information and sample code

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